Saying Thanks I

I was just out walking my dog. I haven’t done that in a while. I’m in a good mood. No, I’m in a great mood. (I don’t actually mean to sound like Hemingway in decline. Or was it Steinbeck? I think it was Hemingway.)

I’ve been learning some great stuff in the last week.

I’m grateful to Julia for writing The Artist’s Way.
I started doing an online version of her morning pages on February 23 on my other active blog, AOO, and I have ended up in a place that I didn’t expect. I now have online mentors and I have started this blog to help people do what they are passionate about AND make money.

I’m grateful to WordPress for creating a more elegant and beautiful way of blogging. I find that I write more here than I did on another platform that rhymes with Hogger.

I’m grateful to Jamie for being a genuine and authentic man who helps other people do what they are passionate about AND make money. Thanks for not just disappearing to an island (like Singapore? And thanks for paying taxes!) after making your millions.

I’m grateful to people at the Make Money Forum for talking with me and explaining the rules whether or not we happen to agree.

I’m grateful to all the people who have liked my other blog and followed it because that is encouraging to me.

I’m grateful to my son, Stuart, for encouraging me on my exercise bike and for being an excellent young man in pursuit of his dreams.

I’m grateful to my wife, Marianne, for letting me have just enough room to do my thing.

I’m grateful to God for watching over us and for guiding me to good people to learn from like Jamie, Anthony and others.

Thanks, Everyone! 🙂

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