Share Your Excitement!

When you’re excited about something be sure to LET PEOPLE KNOW!

(Of course you want to be aware when someone wants to share something with you, too! So listen!)

If you don’t let people know then they probably don’t know – make sense?

Most people want to hear what you’re excited about. They may not be interested, but they’re glad to see something that engages you so much. They might be envious.

Be genuine. Authentic. Sincere.

Share from your heart. Share your experience. Share your story.

Remember to keep in mind that although most people will be happy for you, not all will be interested.

Consider sharing what you have to share on a blog!

You can practice with a private blog until you think you’re ready if that’s what you need to do.

You can use a writing exercise from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way to get you started.

Did you know that it’s ok if what you write doesn’t make complete sense?

At least, that’s true when you’re practicing.

Check out my other blog, AOO, and you’ll see that over 90% of the posts since February 23 of this year are “practice” or my version of what are called morning pages in Julia Cameron’s book.

Why blog?

-You can get the word out to more people.

*Some people actually follow blogs and then your post arrives in their email.
*Frequent posting excites the search engines and soon you can get visitors because they Googled something.
*You can visit forums and include the URL of your blog in your signature. (They especially like this if your blog let’s you shine through instead of it just being an advertisement.)

-You can grow personally and professionally through blogging.

*No matter what your skill level you WILL get better with time. Push yourself a little.
*You will have something to show people. If it’s just personal then you can show friends. If you have some business involved then you have something ELSE to show to potential business associates.
*People are happy to give you feedback. (Again, not everybody, but some will.)

-You have a creative outlet.

*It can be fun and contribute to YOU enjoying life more!
*You may open yourself up to a whole new direction in life by blogging from the heart.
*You will encourage others to do the same simply by having a blog where you post regularly.

If you don’t know what to say I suggest checking out my other blog and/or Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.

I’m excited enough for the both of us, so if you’re not right now – borrow my excitement!

No matter how you got excited, take action now. Go to!

Tell me about your blog! Follow mine and I’ll follow you back! (Barring certain types of content – LOL!)

I’m blogging! I’m telling my friends about my blog and other’s blogs! (See

Go forth and do likewise! 🙂


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