We All Need Mentors

For years I didn’t consider anyone a mentor.

We all need mentors who have been there before us.

I just heard from someone who has a lot of experience online talking about when he was much more of a beginner than he is now.

He wasn’t a total beginner.  He thought he knew what he was doing and that he didn’t need to learn because he really, really knew about some things.

He was probably quite right that he really, really knew what he was doing in certain areas.

But then he decided to do some advertising.

He spent more than $10,000 and got $12 in return.


Apparently, he didn’t know everything about everything.

I have personally spent tens of thousands of dollars online and offline on different ventures over the years.

What about you?

I now have a couple mentors for doing business online.

One of them has amazed me because he’s teaching some really valuable stuff and I got started with him for less than $40.

The name of this blog is:

How To Make Money At Home (U.S.)

I named this blog after this URL that leads to that mentor.

Click here to find out more – HowToMakeMoneyAtHome.US

Don’t waste any more time not knowing what you really need to know.

Don’t waste any more money without a mentor like this.

He doesn’t wear a suit.  Or a tie.

But he’s made more money than most people will make in a lifetime.

And he’s teaching us.  Join him and me in moving ahead faster with better ideas.

Stop spinning your wheels.

Spend a little money and some time learning.

He’s the right teacher. Right Now.