What I’m About From Today’s About Page

This may change or I may add to it in the future, but the essence of it I expect will remain the same!
If you click on the About page above you will see what’s below:

You can do what you’re passionate about.
You can make money on the internet and/or from home.
The longest journey begins with a single step.

Even as I write this I am exploring how to improve this blog. I just learned tonight how to put my dog’s image in the upper left of the page near the WordPress “W”.

Just as I don’t need to be an expert at WordPress to get started on this blog, you don’t need to be an expert to get started creating the life you want. But you do need to get started and keep moving forward.

How To Make Money At Home (HTMMAH) – This blog can be a big help in showing you resources that you might not have known about. Subscribe to this blog and see the encouraging and informative and sometimes entertaining posts I put forth.

I especially urge you to learn in webinar settings. I’ve been blown away so far by my online mentor, Jamie, who has inspired me to create How To Make Money At Home (HTMMAH). Click the link in the upper right of the main page of this blog to see my URL – HowToMakeMoneyAtHome.us – and what my mentor, Jamie, has to teach us.

Soon I’ll figure out how to add a box for you to sign up to receive my Funny & Inspirational Quotes Daily by email.

I’m Charlie Hicks-Moore and I’m a real person in California, USA.

You can find me on Facebook at My Public Figure Page.

I’m moving forward faster and I urge you to do the same!


Share Your Excitement!

When you’re excited about something be sure to LET PEOPLE KNOW!

(Of course you want to be aware when someone wants to share something with you, too! So listen!)

If you don’t let people know then they probably don’t know – make sense?

Most people want to hear what you’re excited about. They may not be interested, but they’re glad to see something that engages you so much. They might be envious.

Be genuine. Authentic. Sincere.

Share from your heart. Share your experience. Share your story.

Remember to keep in mind that although most people will be happy for you, not all will be interested.

Consider sharing what you have to share on a blog!

You can practice with a private blog until you think you’re ready if that’s what you need to do.

You can use a writing exercise from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way to get you started.

Did you know that it’s ok if what you write doesn’t make complete sense?

At least, that’s true when you’re practicing.

Check out my other blog, AOO, and you’ll see that over 90% of the posts since February 23 of this year are “practice” or my version of what are called morning pages in Julia Cameron’s book.

Why blog?

-You can get the word out to more people.

*Some people actually follow blogs and then your post arrives in their email.
*Frequent posting excites the search engines and soon you can get visitors because they Googled something.
*You can visit forums and include the URL of your blog in your signature. (They especially like this if your blog let’s you shine through instead of it just being an advertisement.)

-You can grow personally and professionally through blogging.

*No matter what your skill level you WILL get better with time. Push yourself a little.
*You will have something to show people. If it’s just personal then you can show friends. If you have some business involved then you have something ELSE to show to potential business associates.
*People are happy to give you feedback. (Again, not everybody, but some will.)

-You have a creative outlet.

*It can be fun and contribute to YOU enjoying life more!
*You may open yourself up to a whole new direction in life by blogging from the heart.
*You will encourage others to do the same simply by having a blog where you post regularly.

If you don’t know what to say I suggest checking out my other blog and/or Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.

I’m excited enough for the both of us, so if you’re not right now – borrow my excitement!

No matter how you got excited, take action now. Go to WordPress.com!

Tell me about your blog! Follow mine and I’ll follow you back! (Barring certain types of content – LOL!)

I’m blogging! I’m telling my friends about my blog and other’s blogs! (See Facebook.com/BigManWalking)

Go forth and do likewise! 🙂

Saying Thanks I

I was just out walking my dog. I haven’t done that in a while. I’m in a good mood. No, I’m in a great mood. (I don’t actually mean to sound like Hemingway in decline. Or was it Steinbeck? I think it was Hemingway.)

I’ve been learning some great stuff in the last week.

I’m grateful to Julia for writing The Artist’s Way.
I started doing an online version of her morning pages on February 23 on my other active blog, AOO, and I have ended up in a place that I didn’t expect. I now have online mentors and I have started this blog to help people do what they are passionate about AND make money.

I’m grateful to WordPress for creating a more elegant and beautiful way of blogging. I find that I write more here than I did on another platform that rhymes with Hogger.

I’m grateful to Jamie for being a genuine and authentic man who helps other people do what they are passionate about AND make money. Thanks for not just disappearing to an island (like Singapore? And thanks for paying taxes!) after making your millions.

I’m grateful to people at the Make Money Forum for talking with me and explaining the rules whether or not we happen to agree.

I’m grateful to all the people who have liked my other blog and followed it because that is encouraging to me.

I’m grateful to my son, Stuart, for encouraging me on my exercise bike and for being an excellent young man in pursuit of his dreams.

I’m grateful to my wife, Marianne, for letting me have just enough room to do my thing.

I’m grateful to God for watching over us and for guiding me to good people to learn from like Jamie, Anthony and others.

Thanks, Everyone! 🙂

More About Passion

When you’re doing what you’re passionate about you will run into people who don’t get it or who don’t operate that way and sometimes their agenda will be at cross purposes with what you do. You can have discussions with them, but it can be a waste of time. Instead of debating them you can move on to a more receptive person or audience.

A good use of your time is talking to people who can help you do what you’re passionate about. Or, talking to people who you can help that are open to it. Probably more important than that is listening, though you do want to get your message out when it’s appropriate.

My passion is slightly unusual in that I’m passonate about helping you do what you’re passionate about.

I do love singing and I’m good at it, but who knows if there’s a singing career out there for me? I would like to do more of it, but I don’t have to make my living at it to be fulfilled.

I also like public speaking and I intend to do more of it.

Therein lies an interesting possibility.

You can make your living doing what you are passionate about or you can make enough money doing something else so that you have plenty of time to devote to your passion.

I want to caution here that your passion transcends one company, if a company is involved in that at all.

Why do I go here?

Because some people get excited when they join a company and forget that that company is a strategy or tactic for “doing” their passion.

I’m passionate about Isagenix is not the level I am talking about.

I am passionate about helping people create healthier lives is, for lack of a better word, deeper.

It gets at the essence of the truth.

Isagenix can be a vehicle that allows someone to pursue their passion of helping people create a healthier life.

Another possibility is that you like Isagenix (or ECosway or whatever) and see the benefits of helping people, but you’re there to make money because that money will give you the freedom to pursue your passion.

Don’t get too hung up on the word.

Maybe the word you prefer for YOU is calling.

That’s ok as long as you let others pursue their passion if that’s what they want.

Maybe these words are too strong for you at this moment and you just want to do something that you enjoy instead of doing something that’s a grind. That’s ok, too.

I’m not sure if I’m passionate about blogging, but I do like it – most of the time.

I like it more when I’m writing about stuff that really matters to me.

If you would like to talk to me more about this, make a comment and keep in mind that I may just buy a new domain name one of these days.

The name of that domain should tell you something about me – IStillHaveAPhone.com 🙂