What I’m About From Today’s About Page

This may change or I may add to it in the future, but the essence of it I expect will remain the same!
If you click on the About page above you will see what’s below:

You can do what you’re passionate about.
You can make money on the internet and/or from home.
The longest journey begins with a single step.

Even as I write this I am exploring how to improve this blog. I just learned tonight how to put my dog’s image in the upper left of the page near the WordPress “W”.

Just as I don’t need to be an expert at WordPress to get started on this blog, you don’t need to be an expert to get started creating the life you want. But you do need to get started and keep moving forward.

How To Make Money At Home (HTMMAH) – This blog can be a big help in showing you resources that you might not have known about. Subscribe to this blog and see the encouraging and informative and sometimes entertaining posts I put forth.

I especially urge you to learn in webinar settings. I’ve been blown away so far by my online mentor, Jamie, who has inspired me to create How To Make Money At Home (HTMMAH). Click the link in the upper right of the main page of this blog to see my URL – HowToMakeMoneyAtHome.us – and what my mentor, Jamie, has to teach us.

Soon I’ll figure out how to add a box for you to sign up to receive my Funny & Inspirational Quotes Daily by email.

I’m Charlie Hicks-Moore and I’m a real person in California, USA.

You can find me on Facebook at My Public Figure Page.

I’m moving forward faster and I urge you to do the same!


Do What You’re Passionate About

That’s what I’m passionate about.

You read that right.

I’m passionate about helping people do what they’re passionate about.

I see different ways to achieve that and I’ll share them in future posts.

One way that you can get to the point where you are living your passion is through personal development.

I know that not everyone is ready to talk to a coach at this moment.

Someone who used to work for a game company has made an application that’s online and so far it’s free.

Let this program help you move forward faster toward your goals.

You can talk to my friend and mentor, Fran Cannon, another time!